Why is my work taking so long?

Tax time is busy for everyone. As your Accountant, we share the same goal as you: getting your work finished in the most efficient manner possible.

We envision your tax a bit like building a home. We are the builders, and you are the supplier of our materials. While we can efficiently schedule jobs for our clients, this plan will only work if all key materials arrive on time. Delayed materials could mean having to re-arrange our workflow and move to another client while we wait.

To help our team efficiency, we encourage you to:

  • Send all your information at once: incorrect or missing information and documents are like missing screws and nails, the work simply cannot be completed until we have all the right materials.
  • Summarise your information: logical summaries help to reduce time cross-checking your information and ultimately save on accounting fees.
  • Be timely in responding to queries: missing crucial information might mean your work is further delayed.

Just like you have family, work and sport commitments, we have other obligations that we must include in our scheduling. We hope you understand we have to work around things like:

  • Other tax deadlines: e.g. quarterly BAS or monthly JobKeeper reporting.
  • Extended tax agent deadlines: the ATO knows tax agents cannot complete all work before 31 October, this is why we receive an extension until the 15 May. This allows us to effectively manage our workload during the year.
  • Extraordinary circumstances: COVID-19 has made us no stranger to changing circumstances, and sometimes our schedule has to change to meet our clients’ shifting priorities. For example, this year we had to include JobKeeper reporting deadlines and increasing capacity for business planning to help our clients adapt to COVID restrictions.

We are here to help and are eager to work with our clients to make your everyday life easier. So, if you’re unsure about the best method of organising your information, please contact our team and we would be happy to assist.

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