Wanting to Switch to Palfreyman Chartered Accountants but Not Sure How?

Are you considering coming on board with Palfreyman Chartered Accountants but worried about how to do this? It is actually very easy. Here is a list of some frequently asked questions to help you:

1.       Can I change part way through a year?

Absolutely! As technology advances, it is very easy to transfer data files and documents to your new accountant. Where possible, it is best to finish off any work in progress (such as your BAS that may have already been started), however this is also not essential. If you do decide to leave with work partially finished, you may receive a bill for that incomplete work.

2.       What if I don’t have enough information to give to you?

Under the professional standards of CA and CPA bodies, your existing accountant must provide us with enough information to ‘continue the service’. We are able to organise this on your behalf, and we only require your written consent to obtain these documents. Provided you do not owe your prior accountant any money, these documents are generally received very quickly.

If you have access to any of your prior year information or documents, please bring these along to your initial meeting.

3.       Do I have to personally talk to my existing accountant?

While some clients feel it is polite to give notice personally, there is no need to do this. Under CA and CPA professional obligations, it is our responsibility to send your existing accountant an ethical response letter notifying them of your intent to change. It is very common for this to be the only form of notice given by you.

4.       What about my tax records?

You should have received a copy of all tax returns and financial statements prepared on your behalf. If not, they can be requested from your prior accountant.

Your previous accountant will retain their workpapers as this is a legal requirement.

5.       What happens if I have a company?

If you have a company, we also need to add you to our ASIC agent listing. This only involves signing an ASIC appointment form.

We also recommend that we act as your Registered Office for ASIC. Your company constitution and minutes will then be retained at our office and will be available for inspection by ASIC during business hours as legally required.

Have some more questions? Our friendly team are always here to walk you through this. Contact us today on (02) 4990 3775 or enquiries@palfreyman.com.au to find out how we can help you.

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