5 Ways to Improve Workplace Culture

In today’s world, it is becoming very clear that employees are on the lookout for jobs that offer positive workplace culture and flexibility, and not just good pay. If you have been fortunate enough to work in a business that has this environment, you will know that staff productivity is increased, and that team members start to take responsibility for the quality of services offered. So – it is crucial to the success of your business that you create a positive environment for your staff. Here are some tips that have worked for us:

1.     Mission and Vision Statements: as a team, think of words and sentences that describe what your business intends to do. Use these to put together a mission and vision statement that can be published on your website, and also put them up in the office where your staff regularly sees them. This helps to keep the team working towards the same goal.

2.     Staff meetings: regular opportunities to sit down as a team and discuss what has happened recently in the business is a fantastic way to ensure clear communication is maintained. As is the case with non-professional relationships, clearness promotes trust, and will help ensure your team work well together and for the greater good of your business and clients.

3.     Social Club Outings: taking your team out of the office is a great way to boost friendships and encourage conversation between divisions. One of our favourite events was an Escape Room, as we all had to work together applying our problem-solving skills to very foreign tasks. This also helped bridge the gap between junior and senior staff, as each had a lot to offer

4.     Performance reviews: while these may seem an odd way to boost morale, taking the time to sit down with your employees individually in a non-confrontational setting allows your team to speak up about anything that is bothering them. It is also common for team members to have brilliant ideas that they are not comfortable sharing in front of a group of people, but will share to you alone. Try and adopt a consistent format like here.

5.     Awards: writing award submissions is an extremely reflective process that requires team members to evaluate their own work and progression over a recent period of time. This assists employees to feel like their work is valuable and an asset to the team. If you can, taking your team to an awards night also promotes supporting each other for the greater good of the business.

Workplace culture is complex, but easily achievable with the right tools. We hope these suggestions help you and your team reach success, and if you would like assistance in your business procedures, please contact our office on (02) 4990 3775 or enquiries@palfreyman.com.au to find out more about our business coaching services.

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